Lucas & Emily



June 28, 2014
Sempronius, New York
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About Us

Lucas and Emily met in 2001.

... or maybe it was 2002?

Okay, it was definitely the winter… spring at the latest.

They're pretty certain they met in Ithaca at Castaways, but the Haunt can't be ruled out either. It was some place involving dancing, and likely there was some sort of 80's themed event occurring.

Lucas met Emily and thought, "Hey that girl is cute!" … but he didn't tell her he thought that.

Emily met Lucas and thought "Yay new best friend!"

They were both kind of idiots.

But good friends they became and good friends they remained. In 2006 they both fled Ithaca, though not together, in search of greener pastures, or grander adventures, or at least less freezing cold winters.

Lucas headed to Portland.

Emily headed to Virginia.

And there they both stayed for six years.

There was the occasional phone call, text message, or Facebook chat, usually around the anniversary of one of their births.

Lucas visited Emily once in 2008. Emily repeatedly promised to visit Lucas, but never did.

Then one fateful evening, in April of 2012, Emily sat bored on her couch, bemoaning her lack of adventures. She spotted a travel deal to London. She had always wanted to go to London. They have fun accents, and scones, and entertaining sci-fi. So she took to Facebook requesting one travel companion. She was not optimistic.

From three thousand miles away, Lucas also found himself yearning for adventure as the rainy Portland spring subsided. Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook to end the workday, Lucas found Emily's post amongst political rants and pictures of cute kittens. He smiled at the idea of reuniting with Emily to explore the streets of London. If only, he thought, and responded that he'd love to go, expecting a smile on Emily's part and maybe a shared "If only…"

However, when Emily saw Lucas's response she became determined that he should become her adventure buddy, and with a little persistence, he did.

Five months (and maybe a little bit of overplanning) later, they set on their now expanded adventure to see all the things.

They met up in Iceland and rented a SADcar (no, really, that's what it was called). They traveled to crazy waterfalls and visited glaciers. They reminisced about old times that neither remembered too clearly, or perhaps were never too clear to begin with. They became best friends again, and then, to both their surprise, they fell in love… and that was the just the first day.

After twelve adventure filled days they reluctantly returned to their real lives, uncertain of what the future held.

What it has held is near non-stop adventures, and happy, wonderful times.

(with some less pleasant ones mixed in, because that happens.)

In December they drove across the country so that Lucas could work in New York for a few months. They were foiled by Mormon liquor laws in Utah, and mercilessly slaughtered tumbleweeds in Kansas. They learned of all the wonders that southern Wyoming has to offer (none), and were pleasantly surprised by the charm of St. Louis.

With Lucas in New York and Emily in Virginia, they could have weekend adventure after weekend adventure (with a little bit of travel). Their relationship grew with repeated crossings of Pennsylvania.

In June, Emily gave her notice at work and moved up to New York with Lucas. In July they decided to get engaged, a mutual decision that was formalized on the beach of Kent Island, just outside of Annapolis Maryland.

In August they packed up both cars and headed back to Portland with the help of their friends Erika and Nick. Warmer cross country antics were had, this time with walkie-talkies and code names. They saw the Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas, the incredible Colorado Rockies, the deserts and salt flats of Utah, and the lava fields and Crater Lake in Southern Oregon.

In September, they arrived in Portland to settle down at the end of the Oregon Trail1, where they now live with their super awesome pseudo-step-son Dylan.

1. To date, neither has died of dysentery.

"We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness — and call it love…"

— Robert Fulghum, True Love

Getting there

Both the ceremony and reception will be held at:
Casa de Contento, 6767 Iowa Road, Moravia, New York.

Strictly speaking, there isnt a house at Casa de Contento. Rather, it is a beautiful spot of land, complete with pond, being generously loaned to us by Jim and Brenda Contento. Using the above address in a GPS will get you there.

Additionally, we'll mark the route with signs and pinwheels. There will be parking on site, but we request carpooling if you can.

For your convenience, we've provided some quick links to help you find directions through google:

Directions from my location
Works from your smartphone
Directions from Hampton Inn Directions from Ithaca, New York Directions from I-81 exit 12
{google map goes here, sorry if it doesn't}

Where to stay


We have a block of rooms at the Hampton Inn in Cortland. To reserve, call (607) 662-0007 and reference the "Fairchild wedding block." The rate for guests is $129.00 plus tax, per room, per night, but rooms must be booked by May 23rd, 2014 to guarantee the rate.

There are other hotels available in Cortland, Ithaca and Auburn, all of which are 20-30 minutes from the wedding site. Let us know if you need help finding a different hotel.

Important information for guests

Start time

The ceremony is at five o'clock, with reception to follow at six.

End time

There is no official end time, but we are planning a sparkler send off and a bonfire after dark.

About the location

The ceremony is going to be outdoors, and we'll be using a large tent to house the reception. There is no rain location, so if it rains, we're getting damp. We recommend that guests plan ahead for this possibility (rainfall in June in central New York is frequent and often unforecasted).

Even when it's not raining, the land we're using is technically called "Bear Swamp" so... there's a good chance of moisture. We recommend you keep this in mind when selecting footwear. Mud is possible, and heels will definitely get stuck.

Also, bring an umbrella. Preferably a blue one, if you have it. Hey, if there are going to be umbrellas in the wedding photos we might as well make them match the décor.

For families

Kids make weddings more fun! We'd love you to bring your whole family, little people included. We just warn you that there is a pond on the grounds and general wilderness about.

We ask that you keep an extra eye out for wee ones, and for some adults too we suppose. Emily knows CPR, but resuscitating guests is not on her to do list for the day.

Smiling in the forest

About gifts

Alright, this is the part that Emily Post will hate, we're going to talk about gifts. Honestly, we just want you to come and have fun and celebrate with us. A gift isn't necessary. However, if you should happen to want to get us something, we have one big request — please send it to our house in Portland. Like many of you, we're traveling in for the wedding, and we'll have to ship anything we want to take home with us.

We have a registry at, which you can find by clicking on the link or going to and searching for either of our names (but be warned there's another Emily Fairchild on there, she'd probably find it weird if you sent her a picnic basket). If you do order something off our registry please let us know. Amazon has a habit of not including gift information with shipments, and mystery presents will drive us crazy for years to come…

Our address:
Emily Fairchild and Lucas Madar
14826 SE Misty Dr Apt 302
Happy Valley, OR 97086